Dendritic systems and in particular dendrimers are one of the most promising research lines within the Chemistry field, mainly due to the wide range of their potential applications suchs as biomedicine. In addition, there is a high number of international research groups devoted to this area.
As a consequence of the intense research activity carried out by different national research groups in this field, countersigned by their publications and research projects, along with their national and international scientific collaborations and the organization of international and national scientific events hold in Spain, the members of the research team that establish this initiative, propose building a national network based on the use of dendrimers in biomedical applications. This initiative allows gathering and developing the abilities of the research groups as well as the working topic from a scientific and social point of view. The aims of this network are as follow:

      (i) To boost research activities between multidisciplinary groups allowing contribute to the advance of  the edge knowledge, through an interdisciplinary and convergent research.
     (ii) To develop key enabling technologies like nanotechnology, with the aim of finding higher and new innovation opportunities in biomedicine.
     (iii) To promote the internalization of the scientific studies, using the network as launching platform for introducing the Consortium at the European and International level.
   (iv) To encourage the research mobility, mainly at the predoctoral level, for increasing the scientific knowledge and improving skills. 
     (v) To provide greater social visibility of the use of dendrimers for biomedical applications related to the technology transfer possibilities that may arise from the scientific collaboration that the network demands.


Our final goal is to respond and give technological support to the basic needs of our society within the field of biomedicine


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