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Grupo de Macromoléculas Organometálicas Electroactivas (GMOE)


Research lines

The main objective of our research is the design and synthesis of new redox active organometallic macromolecules (dendritic or polymeric). In particular, the following lines of research are carried out:

1.-Design, synthesis and characterization of dendritic fragments (dendrons) functionalized with electroactive metallocenes. 

2.-Synthesis of dendritic macromolecular structures with different metallocenes.

3.-Study of the electrochemical properties of the organometallic macromolecules both in solution and immobilized on electrode surfaces.

4.-Development of electrode surfaces with dendritic macromolecules as templates to prepare size-controlled metallic nanoparticles (Pt, Au, or alloys Au-Pt).

5.-Development of electrochemical biosensors using both, surfaces with size- controlled nanoparticles prepared from dendrimers as templates, or macromolecules deposited onto the electrode surface or onto metallic nanoparticles.

6.-Development of electrochemical sensors based on organometallic macromolecules for the molecular recognition of ions and neutral molecules.


Carmen M. Casado Santana                        
Beatriz Alonso Garrido
Pilar García Armada

Fundings (last 5 years selection)

1.- Ministerio Economía, Industria y Competitividad. Materiales Bidimensionales con Propiedades Modulables II. MAT2016-77608-C3-1-P

2.- Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN). Nanoestructuras Basadas en Dendrímeros Organometálicos con Actividad Redox. Propiedades Electrocatalíticas y Bioelectrocatalíticas. CTQ2009-12332-C02-01-02

Publications (last selection 5 years)

1.- C. Villena, D. Punjabi, C.M. Casado, B. Alonso, J. Losada, M.P. García Armada, “Monodispersed Size-Controlled Gold Nanoparticles from Electrodeposited Aminoferrocenyl Dendrimer-Templates and their Application as Efficient Hydrogen Peroxide Electrocatalyst” J. Electrochem. Soc., 2018, 165 (7), B310-B322.

2.- C. Villena, M. Bravo, B. Alonso, C.M. Casado, J. Losada, M. P. García Armada, “Size-controlled gold nanoparticles obtained from electrodeposited amidoferrocenylpoly-(propyleneimine) dendrimer-templates for the electrochemical sensing of dopamine” Applied Surface Science, 2017, 420, 651.

3.- J. Losada, M.P. García Armada, E. García, C.M. Casado, B. Alonso " Electrochemical preparation of gold nanoparticles on ferrocenyldendrimer film modified electrodes and their application for the electrocatalytic oxidation and amperometric detection of nitrite." Journal of  Electroanalytical  Chemistry, 2017, 788, 14-22.

4.- B.B. Campos, M. Algarra, B. Alonso, C.M. Casado, J. Jiménez-Jiménez, E. Rodríguez-Castellón, J.C.G. Esteves da Silva " Fluorescent Sensor for Cr(VI) Based in Functionalized Silicon Quantum Dots with Dendrimers" Talanta, 2015, 144, 862-867.

5.- A. Jiménez, M.P. García-Armada, J. Losada, C. Villena, B. Alonso, C.M. Casado, "Amperometric biosensors for NADH based on hyperbranched dendritic ferrocene polymers and Pt nanoparticles" Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2014, 190, 111-119.

International Collaborations

1.- Dr. M. Algarra y Prof. J.C.G. Esteves da Silva de la Universidade Porto (Portugal).


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